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On this website we will be talking about celebrities and movies, and all stuff in between.  I’ve been a movie buff for many years, so why not share my thoughts about what I watch… and also add in my two cents about the celebrities/actors/actresses in the movies.

I’m pretty much into all types of movies.  I’m a big Netflix fan and I’m always searching for something new.  It will be cool to get other suggestions from other people on what movies would be good to watch.. and that’s another reason I created this website.

The celebrities that I’ll be talking about on this site will be mainly from the movies that I watch.  I’m not a big regular celebrity person, but always love a good actor or actress.  I think the reason I love movies so much is that I get lost when watching them.  I get lost in the moment, and I get connected to the actors and actresses.  Sometimes it’s good to lose touch with reality and disappear mentally for a little while :)

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