Welcome To My Website

Welcome to celebrity-archive-movies.com!

I’m excited to roll out this website.  I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now, and the time finally feels right!  I’ve always been the one to share movies with friends and others, figured why not with the world now.

I’m definitely a movie fanatic, and addicted to Netflix.  It’s the only thing I watch.  I got rid of cable a few years back, and hello Netflix… and it’s been love ever since :)

Not sure if I have a favorite genre of movies, since I’m always all over the board with what I watch… but I am a sucker for a Romantic Comedy.  I just love happy endings, when the guy gets the girl.  I guess it’s what I want in the end for myself, lol.

That’s not all I like, I’m always watching anything that seems interesting.

So I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the movies I watch, and recommending it if I think it’s something good for you to put on your list of movies to watch, and I’ll also love recommendations from you to add to my list.

This will be fun, and a great experience for all of us.  So please feel free to share and join in the party :)

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